Freezpen 8g
with 2 applicators

Freezpen 8g is a powerful yet simple cryosurgery instrument. It’s extremely cost effective and treats lesions permanently, in just seconds.

Each cartridge provides up to 12 treatments, depending on the width and depth of the lesion.

Delivered with two applicators (tips):

  • BLUE (110-140 seconds)
  • WHITE (80-100 seconds)
What if...
it becomes your favorite treatment tool

Once you’ve tried it, the Freezpen will become your go-to cryosurgery instrument. Because it’s simply a great, easy-to-use tool, delivering great results time and time again.

One thing is sure – once they’ve tried it, your patients will want to treat all their unwanted lesions!

It's simply good business!
for every practitioner

Freezpen is for every practitioner. If you only perform cryosurgery treatments occasionally, just one Freezpen may be enough. If you have many patients, you may prefer a set of pens for different circumstances.

Each treatment takes just seconds. With a return on investment in 10 weeks at just six treatments/week.

Features and benefits
Simply powerful
High power (55-bar) microjet achieves in-tissue temperature of -89°C, for complete tissue necrosis in seconds.
Simply painless
No pain, no cuts or bleeding, no anesthesia – even for children. Slight sting signals when treatment is complete.
Simply precise
Ultrafine sharp jet for total precision and no damage to healthy tissue. Range of applicators.
Simply perfect
Perfect results with no scarring. Healthy tissue is unaffected; frozen tissue disappears in a few weeks.
Simple procedure
Assess the lesion, choose the right applicator, point, freeze, wipe, freeze again. Done!
Simply practical
Easy handling and transport. Handy disposable cartridges; store at room temperature.
How to load your freezpen
Learn it with our video
Checklist before each treatment
The lesion is benign.
The patient does not present contraindications for cryotherapy treatment.
The lesion has been identified (fibroma, keratosis, angioma, wart, etc.)
Dimensions of the lesion (width and depth) do not contraindicate cryosurgery treatment.
You have selected the most suitable applicator.
You have evaluated the appropriate freezing duration and number of freeze-thaw cycles for the treatment.
The patient has been fully informed about the procedure and possible side effects.
The patient has signed a consent form for the Freezpen treatment.
The treatment area is clean and dry.
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